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We slept later than usual for us and then enjoyed our coffee and a nice breakfast before beginning our chores for the day.

Marilyn cleaned and straightened things in the RV, started a load of laundry, and then drove off to the store to pick up our prescriptions and a few other items.

Before she left for the store, I renewed our vehicle registration for the truck, the car, and the RV. I then took the car and drove off to get a haircut, telling Marilyn I would be right back. I waited for about ten minutes and then made an appointment for tomorrow.

I had promised Marilyn numerous times over the past year or so that I would shred the piles of paperwork which now filled two desk drawers, a sack, and a shelf. I worked steadily for four hours and managed to shred nearly all of the old papers from the largest drawer. In case you are wondering why I didn’t simply throw the papers away, it was because they had too much of our personal information on them. In fact about 80 percent of the papers were financial in nature.

While she was at the store Marilyn called me and informed me that the pharmacy had no record of my prescription. I interrupted my shredding duties long enough to call the pharmacy and soon had things straightened out and may now pick up my prescription tomorrow. I’ll do that after I get my haircut.

Marilyn sat outdoors reading her book and visiting with Donna next door. She suggested that I do my work outdoors so that I could enjoy the 77 degree weather, but the breeze was blowing about 15 mph and I had no desire to spread my trash all over the resort.

Later, after a nice meal, we sat together to watch “The Amazing Race” followed by “The Vikings”.

Life is Good!

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