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A place called Leigh

Leigh at Paihia

Paihia Rocks

Leigh - Charlotte's Kitchen - Paihia

Legs - Cape Reinga

Ti Paki Stream Sand Dunes

Me being arty at the sand dunes

Sand Dunes

Leigh at Cape Reinga

Our view from Bay Sands Motel

Swordfish Club - Paihia

A tasty bowl of green lipped mussels - yum.

Took the scenic trip from Auckland to the Bay of Islands taking in a little place called Leigh - just had to be done. Really nice drive.

Our second AirBnB was a bit of a disappointment - it was actually a motel rather than a privately owned room/apartment. However, it was right on the sea front and a short walk from all the attractions so not going to moan too much about it. Funnily enough it is located on Marsden Road (Leigh's maiden name) we we have been to Leigh and Marsden today!

On Monday (8th January) we took a drive from Paihia to to Cape Reinga - the most northerly point in NZ.. We also took a detour to look at the giant sand dunes of Te Paki Stream. Very impressive. Some great scenery and the drive, although pretty long, was brilliant

One of the best roads I have ever driven; great scenery, winding roads, undulations and fantastic weather.

Tried out the Ex-Servicemans' club in Paihia on Monday evening. We arrived at about 2020 and they shut at 2100 so it was a quick meal. Nice, but quick.

We booked some kayaking for Tuesday 8th. Up the Waitangi river to the Haruru Falls. Weather was absolutely perfect with the river nice and calm. Great experience going in and out of the Mangrove trees. . I would recommend them but, they completely messed up the tour photos and as we didn't take a camera we don't have a single photo of the experience. Grr and tsk!

Went for a meal in Paihia during the evening. Sampled some Green Lipped Mussels - huge and yummy. Leigh wasn't impressed.

Off to Hot Water Beach tomorrow (10th Jan). The AirBnB place looks nice so I hope it lives up to expectation.

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