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Today is my second day of uni and already I have managed to do the following:

- Get lost on the way to a class

- Go to the wrong class

- Nap during a lecture

- Stack it on a slippery path

So doing well.. Nah honestly it is really good here and people are friendly enough that they'll tell you where to go if you look lost. Also moved into on-campus accommodation - it is life changing! I can literally walk home for half an hour between classes, get food and then go back to uni.

Today marks the first day this trip of only wearing one pair of pants (it is a bigger accomplishment than you think) having said that though, it is only -8ish today which is actually pretty nice compared to last week.

My housemates are excellent, had a good little board games bonding session last night which was cute and I made them try vegemite which was definitely interesting but I think with enough butter and toast, they'll come to like it eventually.

It's weird here because the 10 minutes between classes comes at the end of the lecture not the beginning so 8:30am class actually means 8:30 but will finish at 9:50 instead of 10:00. Most lectures are 90 (well 80) minutes which is definitely not great considering I've struggled through some 50 minute lectures in the past but the fact that lectures aren't recorded is definitely a good motivator to pay attention!

Sorry it's short and quite disjointed, just chucking my thoughts down haphazardly. I have another class in 15 minutes so I'll catch you all again in a week or two.

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