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Fishing port

Passing Vulture

Bright Double rainbow over Lake Varas

Pirate Ship for William

Captain Jack Sparrow

Swimming Pool at Hotel Antumalal

Volcano Villiricca

Sunset over Lake Villiricca

Can't get enough of Penguins

Can't get enough of Alisons

As we sit in our room overlooking the Lago Villarrica, I have just added a few photos that did not make the cut from the last seven days of travel. I hope you enjoy and I hope to back when we are in Rosiary Valley to Casona Matetic, the top vineyard in the region for two days of wine tasting, so please do not feel disappointed if you do not receive any updates".........

Anyhow had a nice morning in Pucon and found the real playa (beach) rather than marina, took a few more Volcano photos as there visible today from the beach. Packed up and headed north. Got to Temuco airport where following boarding we were disembarked as a helicopter decided to have an emergency landing right in the middle of the runway. For 2 hours 3 fire engines, 6 cars 10 men and a helicopter just stood there looking at each other!!!!!. Someone needed to get the helicopter off the runway, but with 10 managers who would make the decision.Finally they moved if and we was off 2 1/2 hours late. Surprising when we landed it was a surprise to the airport and having 46 of the 50 bays for discharge, they left us on the runway for another half a hour until they could accommodate the flight. Now having cocked up the schedule the baggage handlers did not know where to collect or send the bags, so this lead to another 45 minutes wait. Having got our bags we went to be collected, only to find our driver was so pissed off waiting he gone as well. Fortunately Alison now being fluent in Spanish chatted up two other company reps and they phoned round to get our rep to the airport, she is fantastic. Anyhow another 30 minutes drifted by, when finally a taxi was found and off we went to city some 20kms from airport.

Now we had hoped nothing more could delay us on entering our hotel, except we did not have a booking in the name of Robert and Alison Theobald...whoa I have just about lost my patience when the receptionist said we have booking with Bob and Ali Theobald, have you got any ID to match!!!!.

After a loud exchange explaining Bob and Robert are the same person we were given access to a nice bohemian room with glass walls around the shower and toilet. Alison is not happy but will accept as we are staving and it is nearly 23:30.

So nip down to bar and get some tapas simples....until we waitied to be served there was only 2 other people in bar, waited for our drinks and finally food. I have already switched off to Santiago and went to bed grumpy.

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