Harbin and Japan Jan 2018 travel blog

Entrance to Harbin city

Ice Festival

Temple of Heaven

Ice Festival

Today we were up around 6a so getting used to time change. We met Sam at 10.15a and drove a couple of blocks to St. Sophia's Church. This is an old Russian Orthodox Church with several onion domes. Outside it is scenic while the inside shows it was once magnificent with icons etc. Now it is a museum. Basically the burned and scraped areas remain. The burned remains of once beautiful old chandeliers hang. Pictures of Harbin in happier times before the revolution surround the walls. Sam showed us models of how town once was, of St. Nicholas Church destroyed in the revolution and pictures of some of the buildings that remain like the old Russian hospital. Harbin was once the Russian capitol for the eastern half of Russia.

From here we went across to the Walking Street...a pedestrian street. As the temperature has dropped from -5 C to -15C and is heading to -28C we went underground to the local indoor market...lots of fruits, vegetables, and meats. We dashed outside and into a clothing mall...with clothes. I tried on a sweater...red...but left without it. It was supposed to be home made from goat's hair and very expensive. Then we strolled outside seeing lots of clear bluish ice sculptures. We picked out our hotel. We tried some Chinese ice cream (we thought he was buying a sausage on a stick 𯘁 )

When we started to get cold we went to lunch. Sam did not eat with us. But he ordered dumplings...2 plates one pork and one pork and shrimp. We shared a bowl of pork and bean curd soup and had a different pancake...deep fried. Not a favorite meal but sufficient.

Afterlunch we walked back to the hotel and will meet at 5p to go to another smaller Ice Sculpture park. I complained and this is compensation. Tomorrow we fly to Japan.

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