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On the way up

Striking Pose

Our guide was a bit wooden

Truly magnificient Volcano Villarrica 2847m

Can you spot Alison

Smoking away

Awesome Volcano Quetrupillan 2360m also active

Entering the freezing river

Entering the thermal spa

We was there

We pick up the Nissan Jeep from the airport only to be told there was no sat vas available and it was Ok because we were on,y heading North. This was not a good start but the use of our google maps on iPhone we managed to navigate the 400km to Pucon and actually planned a stop on route by Lago Calafquen.

We arrived a hotel Antumalal overlooking Lago Villarica , the hotel is well known for its glamorous guests, as Neil Armstrong, James Stewart and Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. I am sure they were allocated our room as Liz was 'ere in 59 is scratched on our bedroom table!!!

Anyhow fantastic view and again fantastic food, swimming pool, sauna, beach etc..Took a walk into Pucan and it is a lively and tourist hive of shops and restaurants. They even have pirate ship tours with captain Jack Sparrow around the Lake.

Sunday we got up late 07:00 and after a healthy breakfast headed up the volcano Villarrica and when I say headed up, it was off-road dirt track up the volcano until the track run out. It was a brilliant clear day temperatures up to 30c and the Volcano was still active smoking away gently with a 200m caldera of live magma, one of the 10 in the world. We only met by a Switz mountaineering couple who after an hour of following us was informed by Alison they were on the wrong hike and had to lower for their own safety, and all of this was in Swiss. What a women I have multi linguist ( I hope I spelt that correct!!) see photo.

Next we took our lives into our own hands and headed deeper into the National Park and found some 28km up some gravel road the Trios Saltos, 3 waterfalls. They were in Grandma's Carmellas back yard and extremely high up via a wood and rock staircase built for Giants. Even I had to climb up and drag Alison up. On getting to each of the falls we found an entire Chilean family occupying them yes that it 27/30 some in the ice cold rivers and some having their full Sunday Lunch. We had found a real authentic gem. The views were to die for and not only the vocanoes, the women are into 2 camps, super fit (unmarried) or super fat (married)

We descended the falls are some empanadas cooked by the farmers wife and headed for the thermal springs.

We found these further along the volcanic track and these were ultra modern built units created like a spa setting were each swimming pool had different thermals temperatures and to compensate was the ice cold river as well as a crystal clear, still and sunny day to warm us again. We both got sunburnt under the intending of the sun.

After a wonderful rural day, walked down into town to an offbeat seafood resturant where we filled ourselves silly on wine, fish and dulce de Leche ice cream and apple strudel.....hmmmmmmm. To tasty to fattening....

We finally walked home and fell asleep under a crystal clear starry night ......magic....

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