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Half moon island


Feeding time

Dribbling at feeding time

Scary Skewer trying to take chicks

Rookery with a view

More chicks

Our journey mapped out

Goodbye to the Expedition team

Russian station

Chilean station just 20 metres from Russia

Russian Orthodox Church overlooking base

Inside the church

Which home it's all Russian to me

Goodbye Antarctica

So we return to King George Island where it all began 6 days ago and what a journey we have been on.

We were offloaded by Zodiaks in a calm and warm day and we took the opportunity to visit the Russian Station gift shop and Russian Orthodox Church with their onsite priest( looking very much Lin the same style as Rasputin.

We walked another 20 metres and we in Chile and the control of their base..

Took one last look around and on hearing the jet walked single file along the runway back to get into the plane only after every Chinese passenger had their statutory 3 selfies on the steps, walking to their seat, their seat number, the sick bag and inflight magazine before sitting down and videoing the safety briefing....arghhhhhhhh.

Not only that they decided that they were going to occupy all 3 seats for 2 of them leaving no option but for Alison and I to sit apart and more upsetting between them and their constant preening and going to the toilet!!!!.

Anyhow landed safety and was back at the Capos del Hornes and I have not got anything to add or should I say Punta Arenas has nothing more to add, so next day our flight out to Puerto Montt and onward trip to Puerto Varas and the Chilean Lakes with added spice of Osorno Volcano.

Only issue faced with Sky airlines chile was that Alison's hand luggage was 2mm longer than the allowance due to the wheels. That wanted us to pay £30 for the excess space, crazy or what. So when I started ripping off the wheels as they were 20mm in diameter did the hostess relent and said OK

Arrived in Puerto Montt and my eyes suffered from colour shock. After only seeing white, black and occasional red we are facing very green countryside almost similar to UK but with dense forests of Ucalypus trees, Bamboo and Chilean Redwood. And would you believe it it raining.

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