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Half moon island

Where's Kevin.

After rembarcing on the Ocean Nova we had lunch and a snooze on the pararamic bar on the 5th deck. Fortunately for me Alison was awake and spotted something just off port bow and said ther is something out of the window, wake up Bob I think they are orca. ORCA. Where's the camera when need you need. I watch for a few minutes as a pod of 4 head to the bow of the ship. I then am itching to get camera, to take photos, and yes whilst I was gone and back, the pod disappeared behind the icebergs and away. But at least I saw them, you shall just have to believe me. Throughout our journey across the seas we have seen many humpbacks and a few Minnie. Each and every time there is a cocophony of firing camera shutters and "did you see or get that"

Only on one occasion did a humpback junior give us a little show, still amazing.

Set down on Half Moon Island and we were searching for a single Macaroon penguin who had lost his own flock, who were some 100's of km's north in South Georgia, but stayed in Chinstrap Colony. The only one, but from his point of view he looks like everyone else, only the Chinstraps know he isn't. His name is Kevin. Please look in photos and see if you can find him. A few last photos of chicks on nest and then back on board.

Later after lunch and the sharing of email addresses and photo dropping pictures, Crystal our onboard media expert presented our trip in film and photos. Tears of absolute joy and wonder rolled unashamedly down my cheeks. Emotions of every kind flooded my body and soul as I watched our journey. My Words are inadequate. What an experience.

Tonight we head back to King George Island and off to Punta Arenas, I secretly hope that the weather stops us flying so that I can spend just a few more hours in the winter wonderland.

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