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Arriving at Neptunes Bellows on Deception Island

Old Whaling Hut

Sulphur gases rising from low tide and heating the water

Staking claim for queen and country

Gentoo and Chinstrap penguin together


Remnants of the whale oil storage facility

As you can probably tell, it has taken quite a few hours to update log and it has just turned midnight on January 4th, so I 'd best press on as Alison is gently snoring next to me.

So back to New Years Day. Up early to ente Deception Island through a narrow entrance named Neptunes Bellows. Deception island as it is the collapsed caldera of a volcano and the smell of sulphur is funnelled through the gap. To make it even more impressive the wind was blowing the snow horizontal throughly the pass as we entered a live volcano. Itlast erupted in 1979 and still creating steaming hot water streams heating the sea and broiling the krill in the sea.

Originally the first explorers found a huge colony of fur seals. They were wiped out totally in the first two seasons.

Then came the whalers, they too over 20 odd years wiped most of the whales out but established a full blown operation. Apparently there were over 20,000 decomposing bodies left in the harbour.

It then became an Antarctic base for all explorers heading south and became a British Spy base establishment in early 50's. With the first single engine aircraft being constructed and flown from here to extend the search into Antarctica. As you are probably reading this or may be bored and stopped sometime ago, the place is full of structures and industry which have been moved or destroyed during the last eruption. The views of steaming seas and penguins taking their sauna in this a unique place in the world was wonderful.

We also stole a march on the whole ship for when the group photo was being taken we grabbed the flag and stood solidly in the little despite protestations from others who will remain nameless.

So onto our last leg of our journey to half moon island in the South Shetland islands. I shall have to do tomorrow morning as it now gone 1am......Goodnight.

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