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Sunrise on 2018

Mirror image in glasslike Sea

Here's Looking at you

Landed on the 7th continent

Overlooking the bay

More chicks

Alison over Dorian Bay

Crystal clear

Leopard seal chasing penguins

New Years Eve we had chugged further South to go onto the Mainland of Antarctica next to an old British Base.

It was exciting because of the mirror like reflections that were on the sea surface as there was no wind and 4c temperature, positively summer!!!.

We arrived onland first boat and first off, to head up and around another more penguin rookies this time Gooner penguins as Akison would call them, meaning Gentoo. We witneesesd a skewer taking chicks from a nest, just missed some Minnie whales in the sea, visited s British owned hut which had been constructed by Jonathan ( one of the guides back in the 1970 's when he worked there.

As well as climbing through 2 foot deep soft snow up approx 500m to overlook the Snow White and the Seven Drawves mountain range. Took approx 30 minutes up, and 5 minutes down, sweating buckets so much stripped off to thermal undies to cool off.

Have formed friendships with a number of other guests and particularly Shirley who comes from Lake Tahoe and is on vacation with her daughter and energetic husband, Diane and Danny. Who through discussion manages the insurance policies of Dustin Johnson and Jason Spith. Invites to Masters in the post!!!

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