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Cormorant creating his nest

Alison with her new found friend Diane from USA

Chinstrap on nest with chick

More Chinstraps

Full up

Take off time

Close encounter of a Weddel kind

New Years Eve BBQ

Sunset on 2017

This New Year's Eve afternoon we headed to Anvers Island and particularly Dorian Bay. Another wet landing by Zodiak which meant we steeped out into the sea before walking on the beach and up to the nesting sites.

This was a challenging landing and traverse mainly due to the rocky terrain covered in guano, yes decades of penguin guano. You. An smell the rookeries from 100 m off shore and you will always be passed by penguins fishing along the bay, sometimes 3 in a group and other times up to 30. It is really difficult to capture a photo as they seem to know when you are ready, then change direction.

Following another ama balls expedition, the crew held a BBQ out on deck 5 before holding a quiz. Now as you can imagine British Pride was at stake but by joining forces with our friends from over the pond, we were going to beat the Asian axis. However as China had already celebrated New Year at about 9 am they did not bother turning up. So despite there only being 4 competitive teams we were aptly named Full of Guano we managed a strong 4th position.

New Year's Eve for us was at 9pm and for the boat was midnight.

Only 4 Brits Alison, Jonathan, Nigel ( both Antarctic experts and Johnathan had a polar medal) and myself sang Auld Lang Syth heartily, whilst the remaining crew members and Americans looked on bemused. Fortunately the Chinese having retired to bed did not video the entire event. Partied along until 12:45 when our disco King ran out of 1960's disco music.

Tomorrow we are heading for our Antarctica Mainland landing at our furthest south Nick Harbor 66 degrees 33 minutes and 43 seconds South.

Still buzzed by it all and making some fantastic friends and connections.

Johnathan had a friends daughter who worked for Sterling Power and now wants a job with Poweron, also Johnathan wants a new supply to an industrial unit in Shropshire, how's that for salesmanship!!!!!!

2018 here we come

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