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Big iceberg

Alison after fighting the Chinese guests who had taken over 1000 selfies

Close up on 1000 year old ice, this went into our cocktails

Alison iced up

Leopard Seal lounging on iceshelf

Leopard seal eye to eye

Wedded Sea enjoying a stretch

Iceberg patterns

New Years Eve morning, we had been pushing further south along the Antarctica Penisular to Two Hammock Island, where laying off an enclosed bay called Hydrurga rocks and went out on a Zodiak tour inbetween the thousands of ice bergs, it was more than perfect. We had learnt about the different structures of ice from pancake, greasy, black, compressed from snow, frozen from sea water and over another 10 varieties.

The photos shown some of the amazing configurations of ice and iceberg. The most mind blowing is the black ice, that has been compressed to remove all oxygen and presents over 1000/2000 years old water. Which would have raining at the time of Christ. I am so priveldged and overwhelmed. We were tasting and touching history.

We dodged between the icebergs whilst I was singing Titantic and calling out for Jack. Alison did not approve.

It was about this time the Chinese guests who had to have at least 3 selfies from each of their 3 phones, 2 cameras and hand held videos, whilst filming and commentating on every speech, movement or fart made by anyone. Began to piss me off. Despite Alison calming regime, world war three nearly exploded when Mick an Australian told one of our Chinese friends that they were being selfish in our Zodiak. A bit of a closed space with 8 Chinese, 2 Aussies and Alison and I as well as a Alaska Zodiak driver. Things went a little quiet until we spotted a leopard seal, at which time the Brits and Anzac Core took front seat and we're giving in.

After 30 photographs I have presented 2 of my best ones, the other I will save.

We spotted a Weddel Seal on another shelf and zoomed over, however she was not as obliging and after a few shots headed into the water.

A Fantastic morning lots of photo perfect shots, I have enough photos for the next ten years calendars.

After disembarking and having another mouth watering lunch ready in the afternoon for Dorian Bay

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