a whitish christmas travel blog

the Allegro service took us back to Helsinki

then the Viking line got us across the Baltic Sea to Tallinn

the ferry passes many islands during the trip

manoeuvring through them was nail biting

Tallinn has some really old buildings

surely not a tour guide

Gilly presented well in our favourite coffee shop....

.....from our special coffee booth.....

.....in our special coffee shop

we walked much of the Old Town's walls....

.....and explored many hidden areas

night lights brought the Old Town to life

the buildings were gorgeous

Fat Margaret's Tower was a beautiful landmark

a little rain, a little sleet, it was all good

the Old Town was the most fortified in all Northern Europe at...

the Estonian History Museum was very interesting

Gilly became a wild Nordic princess for awhile

finally we got snow in Tallinn

Tallinn's 'Freedom Square' is a special place for Estonians

we loved the trams and trolley cars

to market, to market ...... again !

It seemed like the middle of the night when we boarded our 6.40 train to Helsinki and it remained pitch black all the way. A short cab ride to the ferry terminal and we were all set for the Baltic Sea crossing.

The 2.5 hour cruise was a breeze with only a slight swell but it was bone-chilling cold on deck for photo shoots. Stuff that as a necessity for our journal.

The ferry was huge with cabins, suites, gaming rooms, restaurants and massive sun deck areas.

We were soon into our hotel and it was brilliant. Right in the Old Town. Could not have been better.

Much walking cobbled streets, drinking coffees and exploring narrow alleyways....we loved it.

Our favourite coffee spot is best described as bohemian. Our seating was a nook against a glass panel which presented us as 'hooker like' to the outside parade. No offers were received.

Although snow was predicted none arrived but it certainly was cold and rainy at times.

We escaped some of this by visiting the Estonian History Museum. This was fascinating and very interesting. Estonia has been marred by terrible turbulences over many centuries and has won and lost its independence more than once. WW2 and the Soviet era simply added to their misery.

The Old Town is full of history and 26 of its original 66 towers remain along its great stone walls. Climbing into some and along the ramparts was intimidating but eye opening to the past. It was once the most fortified of any town in all of northern Europe.

And then there was snow. And you know what that meant …. we were happy.

The Old Town, the Kalamaja District and all points in between, we walked them all in the white stuff and it was great but extremely cold.

The old fishing industry was centred in the Kalamaja area which was nick named the 'fish house' and today is developing into a bit of a yuppy place but interesting with some nice renovated timber homes.

For our last evening meal in Tallinn we decided on Italian pizza which was great until paying the bill. Memories of Igor the Russian flashed back as we paid up. We were almost clipped 10 Euros until Gilly 'the financier' showed her talent and sorted the waitress. It did seem a very deliberate 'mistake'.

Our time in Tallinn brought back some great memories and added many new ones but it was bag packing time once again.

Prague was next but our SAS flight would unfortunately take in Copenhagen on the way so it won't be quite as short as we would have liked.

No matter, it will be fun ….. and all will be good.

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