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The partially frozen St Lawrence, lots of steaming water around

Beautiful snow covered trees around Lake Ontario

A pretty start to this morning

Descending into the Shenandoha Valley, with a 7 mile descent so there's...

Just a quick note today to say we are safely parked at the bus in Florida. It was another long day of driving with lots of traffic (we’re certainly not the only snowbirds heading south!) and Mike was again getting frustrated with slow drivers in the fast lane!

While we talked about the traffic and accidents yesterday, we didn’t mention some of the beautiful scenery. As we passed the tip of Lake Ontario, the trees were covered with huge dollops of snow, from the lake effect snow dumps they had last week. This morning, heading into the Shenandoah Valley, with the bright sunshine and crisp air, it was a very different view from what we would have seen when we headed south in October (we saw a different view when we went by Washington, but avoided the traffic of the Capital and took another route.)

While we got past the snow last night, it was below freezing when we woke up. Before we got to the bus, the temperature had risen to 48f (9c)  Certainly not what we typically expect for Florida, but it is certainly nicer than the deep freeze we left in Ottawa. Unfortunately southern Georgia and northern Florida are under severe weather warnings tonight and many schools are going to be closed tomorrow. We’ll see how far south this goes and how much cold, rain, snow, etc that we get. This is unusual for Florida so we’ll keep our fingers crossed it doesn’t last long. If it gets too cold in the bus, we can always spend time in the various buildings around the resort. Just kidding, between the furnace and heaters we will be toasty in the bus!

One humorous note: you should never tell your children they can connect with you on 'Find My Friends.' One quick stop at the Liqueur store to stock up and we're getting emails!

Tomorrow we’ll finish unpacking, recuperate from the long drive and check out what happened while we were away. And, of course, find out what new activities are happening that we can take part in.

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