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After another day at our RV to do laundry and hold the kitty, we drove down the gulf coast of Florida to visit with Jan and Sue. They had been asking us to come visit since they bought their place in a retirement community near the beach. We were worried about damage from the recent hurricanes, but really saw very little that still needed repairs.

They are really excited about their new lifestyle and had many things to show us. The first full day we went to a shell beach on Sanibel Island, but went too late in the day to find any really good shells. What we did find, we left with them anyway since there is not much room for collectibles in an RV. After a bit of sight seeing we decided to go to the J. N. "Ding" Darling wildlife refuge, but the car broke a serpentine belt on the way. Leaving Jan and Don with the car, Sue and I accepted a ride from a traveling nurse back to their house to pick up their other car. WE were on our way back to them when they called to say that the had a replacement belt in the vehicle. Just as we got back, a gentleman stopped by, said he was able to replace the belt, and after a 1/2 hour or so more, we were on our way. (In 2 vehicles, and too late to go into the refuge of course.) So we went to the Love Boat ice cream shop instead. There was just enough time to pile into one vehicle when we got home for a drive over to watch the sunset on Bunch Beach. The sunset was breathtaking but the no-seeums were ferocious so we did not linger long past sunset. We had dinner at Doc's, situated on the bay. Shrimp to die for as an appetizer and fish to follow.

The next day, after biscuits and gravy at the Men's Breakfast fundraiser, we drove to 6-Mile Cypress Slough. The girls had told us about the many forms of wildlife we could see, but unfortunately it was cold and a little rainy so we did not see that much, especially in the way of different birds. We just missed seeing a bobcat that had been treed by a couple of wild pigs, but did see some of the pigs. It was a pleasant and interesting walk. Afterwards Sue drove us over to Pine Island where we had lunch at Woody's which was on the water. There, Sue and I split an appetizer order of stone crab claws, my new favorite seafood. On the way back Sue drove us down Palm Avenue, lined with palm trees, where the homes of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford are located. A lovely and romantic area reminiscent of slow moving days gone by. At home we barbecued chicken for dinner.

Distance one way: 171 miles

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