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Christmas Day Cottesloe beach

Swimming on Christmas day

Sue and the boys on Christmas day

Putting up the beach tent on Christmas Day

Kangaroo at Serpentine Falls

Jingjing and Pete in the pool where we stayed

Kanga at Serpentine Falls

Sue and Pete at Serpentine Falls on Christmas Eve

The House at Bull Creek, our Christmas accomodation

Christmas meal

Two good sorts on the beach!!

Swimming on Cottesmore beach

Lovely warm sea

Kite surfing at Rockingham

Perth for Christmas

We arrived back in Perth after a five and a half hour flight, which landed early, to be picked up by Peter and taken to Jingjing’s parents house which was fabulous. The weather was very different from Batam, being much much hotter and much less humid.

After a good nights sleep we went across to Peters newly rented house to check on what else he still needed to buy. We then headed across to Rockingham where Pete was having a kite surfing lesson and we enjoyed sitting on the beach watching both the professionals and beginners.

In the evening we went into Perth town centre to see the Christmas lights and do some Christmas shopping, snow men, Father Christmas in cut offs and short sleeves and us all in shorts and flip flops, very odd!!

Saturday was a day when I met up with some friends and met Sue and Pete at IKEA for some more house shopping. My first time in an Ikea, other than an accidental visit once in Dubai.

In the evening we met up with the people Tom and Joan who had been so helpful on the Cape to Cape walk down in Margaret River they were now in Perth staying with family and their daughter invited us all for a BBQ. It was great sitting out in the warmth until late into the evening.Tom enjoyed mentioning the cricket and how Australia had thrashed the Poms. It was lovely to see them both again

On Christmas Eve we went to the Serpentine Falls, did part of a bush walk but it was so hot we decided to turn back and spend more time at the Falls. Some very tame Kangaroos were happy to pose for pictures.

Christmas Day was a great day on the beach, clearly it is traditional for the Aussies to go down to the beach meet up with friends and have a few drinks, of people on the beach in swimming gear, factor 50 and Christmas hats and a glass in their hand. Everyone enjoying them selves, it was great fun. As the afternoon arrived the beach started to clear as people headed off There were five of us as two of Pete’s medic friends joined us and we had a good picnic and numerous dips in the sea which was warm and clear and we enjoyed it so much we stayed late into the afternoon. Christmas Day for me usually involves seeing helicopters whilst skiing and Australia was no exception as the shark copter came over as it does every day looking for sharks and would if necessary warn swimmers and get them out of the water. It came over twice during Christmas Day and on the second time hovered for a while, this according to one of our party apparently is usually not good news, but it moved on without any announcements.Thank goodness.

Late afternoon we headed back, Jingjing who had been on duty at the hospital joined us and Pete and Jingjing went swimming whilst Sue and I prepared our Christmas meal, which was great , not the traditional meal but a very delicious vegetarian one.

Boxing Day was marked by going out for breakfast, walking along the Swan river and watching the sunset at Cottesmore beach and seeing all the green parrots, hundreds of them andromeda Galahs come down to roost, what a deafening noise, but what a delightful sight and sound, then we headed into Freemantle for a meal.

Wednesday it was time to say good bye to Pete and fly off to Vietnam via Singapore, not sure if the typhoon would cause us a problem in getting there.

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