Winter '18 Escape / Dec-2017 to Apr-2018 travel blog

We had an uneventful ride to Junction. It was a full day, 300+ miles, and it felt like a long day in the truck. Tomorrow will be the same.

We had our eye on the thermometer, the sky, and the road. Thermometer was hovering around 33-34 degrees. Sky was solid white low overcast. But the roads were dry. Whew.

Very cold overnight. Thirty-three when we got here and breezy, and colder overnight. We were thoroughly chilled all evening, and it was hard to get warm even in bed. We eventually did get warm and slept OK, thanks to all the blankets. It only got to about 30 degrees but felt a lot colder.

We are keeping our eyes on future temps and our overnight locations. Tomorrow it is supposed to be 67 in Van Horne TX (hard to believe), then 67 in Las Cruces NM, 69 in Benson AZ, and finally 77 in El Mirage. I hope so.

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