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welcome to Moon Island


















this is ourship location


lots of snow cover mountains






















on shore

Chinstarp penguins



was snowing as we were walking around















a chinstarp rookery about 2000 pair, lots of dropping LOL












rocks on the beach

a nesting bird



a big seal come to greet us


the landing bay of the ship



Up at 5:00 AM a morning coffee and a walk around the decks checking out the area of South Shetland Island great, the weather is cold about 32 F with a brisk wind across the bow of the ship. Breakfast at at 6:30 AM and back on deck when We arrived at Half Moon Island and dropped anchor at 8:00 AM, the Expedition team out with the boats and I am the second boat group to leave the ship, we land at the beach and have about 90 minutes to explore the area, but we have to stay within the area that has been marked by flags, As we leave the ship there is light snow falling and a little bit of wind, so nice brisk boat ride to the landing site. Then back to the ship while the next group get to go ashore we can only have 100 people on shore at one time some to get everybody on shore takes a bit of time, but it is well organized. Here is a large colony of Chinstrap Penguins about 2000 pair. And the same meals as the day before sure don't go hungry hear, LOL. There were a few different lectures to go to and the did a bit of reading, and we pull the anchor about 6:00 Pm during dinner and under way to out next stop Orne Harbour on the main Antarctica Continent.

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