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39 rmb, about $8, for soup, roll, steak with mashed potato and...

I have discovered that most big shopping areas have 'disabled' toilet facilities.

The normal squat toilet.

Even a baby changing area. Things are sure changing.

Molly, for the girls.

Have no idea who Mokka is, but it is for the boys!

Somewhere to even sit with your baby!!

We went back to the restaurant where they had the weekday set menu lunch offers. The lunch we had was great. Started with cream of corn soup, with a bread roll, then steak which was still Chinese style, but very tender and tasty, with mashed potato and corn kernels and peas, and garlic sauce, and access to the salad bar, which was quite extensive. There was enough fruit in the salad bar to make for a lovely dessert too!!

We sat over lunch for ages, until we were the only customers in the place. So nice to eat, and then to be able to relax in a quiet environment!

I love the way the shopping centres are changing, and in this instance I am talking about toilet and personal care facilities. It seems that many places now have a disabled toilet, which translates to me as a western toilet. I had never seen this before. And this place had a baby change/feed room too.

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