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My new slippers, made with a lot of help from the wool...

Today, I was packed up, ready to head back to the Medical College. I have been here at Peter's apartment for more than a month now, and really am not comfortable in his apartment. The location is fantastic, but the darkness of the place is very oppressive.

I had been communicating with Shane, as he was going to be able to take Hugo to a pet shop for me. But he had not been able to get in contact with them. Today is the winter solstice, and too many people are out to dinner with families, and this is probably why the pet shop is not answering messages.

Shane is off to Guangzhou for Xmas tomorrow afternoon, so we will deal with Hugo tomorrow morning, with a little luck!!

I had my suitcase packed up, and headed out late in the afternoon. Oh boy, it was a real challenge to get a taxi, and a bus was not really an option with my suitcase, also laptop bag, and my pillows!! A young woman tried to help me, but she could not do anything, I just had to wait!!

Anyway, I made it eventually, and struggled to get down to Scott's apartment. I was just about worn out by the time I got to the bottom of the steps, and was wondering how I was going to manage, when a young man came along, and said hello. He is married to one of the staff here, and lives in the same building. We chatted for a little while, and when he was leaving, I actually asked him if he could help me with my suitcase, up to the door.

He was more than happy to oblige, and what a great help that was. I made a coffee and kind of collapsed on my bed to recover, before getting unpacked.

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