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walking 5th Avenue after some snow was fun

2 & 3 degree C temperatures in NY got our attention

Central Park was our favourite area

the Brooklyn Bridge was fun to explore

ferry rides were definitely fresh

the ferry ride to Lady Liberty & Ellis Island was chilly

Times Square was interesting

NY's skyline is impressive from the ferry

we loved NY's great mix of older buildings

winter foliage and spectacular skyscrapers ... a beautiful mix

the 9/11 Memorial ..... very moving

the lakes in Central Park were almost frozen

Central Park's Bow Bridge was pretty

a new friend

lakes and great architecture are Central Park features

the enormous Park is a beautiful feature of Manhattan

the Strawberry Field memorial to John Lennon was popular

rest time in the Park

museums of every type dotted Manhattan

mmmm....interesting !

brilliant architecture

the Empire State Building still looks good

things were quiet at the UN Building

the Guggenheim Museum does stand out

it's hard to appreciate the sizes of lakes in Central Park

a sad place...the Dakota Building

at $US6 per minute ? .... no thanks

snow soccer....why not?

East Harlem rail station....interesting

the old Apollo still draws a crowd

Gilly got to shop in the best places

.... and some great markets !!!

The 'red-eye' flight from SF was great although our seating wasn't the best. Side-by-side instead of front-to-back would have been nice although Gilly did score a few head massages because of it.

Our hotel was old but homely and quite well positioned near Carnegie Hill, just a few blocks from Central Park. Free afternoon wine, cheese and nibbles everyday went down well with us.

Overnight snow and a 2 deg C daytime temperature definitely got our attention but was novel for us and good for our preparations. The following days did warm up a tad but sadly, no more snow.

We opted for public buses and walking shoes to explore Manhattan with the emphasis on walking. Plenty of coffee stops and dress shops provided much relief for tired feet although the latter did have its risks. Bags, coats, dresses...does it ever end ?

Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square, the Theatre District, Soho and Greenwich Village all received a thorough working over but without doubt Central Park was our favourite. The 'Strawberry Fields' memorial to John Lennon, the Bow Bridge and the park in general were rewarding experiences.

Another was a ferry ride to get up close to Lady Liberty and Ellis Island but it sure was fresh.

It was nice to have the opportunity to explore around notable places as the United Nations, Grand Central Terminal and the Empire State buildings while all were relatively quiet. Armed security and public warnings of safety risks were at times a little extreme but understandable.

Our favourite eateries included the 'District' in Carnegie Hill which had great 'nibbles' and wine served in an old bar atmosphere and the 'Tavern on the Green' in Central Park. This had a great old world feel and would be sensational in the spring and autumn seasons.

Although we didn't get a full snow experience our seven days in New York did help to acquaint us with the cooler temperatures awaiting us in Helsinki and Saint Petersburg. It will be interesting to see how we handle temperatures around 30/35 degrees celsius lower than what we are used to at home. Right at this time we could be at a Sunshine Coast beach without the need of thermal long-johns. Perhaps we are a little mental ….time will tell.

Our BA flight via London to Finland is ready to roll and once again we are full of expectations.

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