Our motorhome

our motorhome

our motorhome

Our longtime readers know that our travel year starts 10th November and ends the following 9th November. This year we give a little different accounting of our numbers.

This has been a big year for us. We're finishing up our Eleventh Year of traveling around North America. You'll find here our annual accounting of the main financing of our travels. We hope you find the numbers helpful. Many "Newbies" have little or no idea what some possible expenses would be and so we provide a little peek into our own. Please know that we are NOT RICH with seemingly unlimited income. Ours is about $4,400 net per month and the expenses you'll see here isn't everything. Believe it or not when you read these numbers and consider our income there is almost always money left over at the end of the month. So, you see, we're somewhat frugal and yet we can be even more so. But, we don't deny ourselves too much. One of the biggest new expenses is our new motorhome payment, we didn't have a payment before February this year. Our Fifth wheel was paid for shortly after we hit the road. So here you go, enjoy:

We made 43 stops at RV Parks this year. Those stops cost $3,202, averaging $267/month

We used Propane and Electric at some stops they cost $502, averaging $41.83/month

Our Dodge Dually Diesel used $1,149 of fuel, before we traded it in, averaging $459/month

(most of that expense was moving from Georgia to AZ)

New to us Motorhome, financed $126,000 @ 5.25% costing $850/month, insurance is $1,600/yr for Motorhome AND Honda. Cost $1,400 to ready for towing.

New to us Honda CRV, $11,000 paid, no monthly payments. Cost $2,300 to ready it for towing

Motorhome mileage of 7,757 using $2,918 of gas.

Honda mileage of 11,532 using $931 of gas. Both vehicles combined fuel costs still average $495/month, similar as with pickup.

Cell phone and data for 2 phones, AT&T $150.00/month

Groceries cost $6,394, averaging $533/month we've notice that cost of groceries has gone up and is reflected here.

Eating out at restaurants $4,159, averaging $346/month we've changed where we eat and that has reduced.

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