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South Face of the Glacier

Another selfie

We're so excited

Moreno Glacier touching land sealing the gap

Calving of the Glacier stage 1

Calving of the Glacier stage 2

Skies are Big

Today Sunday 17th December and woken at 05:00 by what can only be described as a howling gale may be force 9 or 10. We have been told that Eolo is the Greek god of the wind and is Patagonias Spirit, the wind always blows here... I thought we was going to lose the roof. Up early so off to breakfast just incase last nights meal had left any gaps..

Off to the Peroto Morena Glacier, a place which all Argentinias must visit a bit like their Mecca. And again we were not disappointed. Our shared transport was with Italians so apart from a verse of One cornetto and pizza our discussions were limited. We taken to the face on a boat for 200 people fortunately the 10 of us each had a seat with a view, We must have some form of attraction as everybody sat around us. They must have also guessed by the size of my equipment that I must be a professional photographer as I was asked in Chinese, Russia, Polish, German and Spanish to take photographs.

We saw and heard the calving of the face of the Glacier. Moreno is a land based glacier so the icebergs are small as they shatter in front of the face. See photographs where I was lucky enough to see the glacier shatter with a deep deep grind and crumpppp.

Also for the first time in many years the glacier has extended across the whole gap, blocking off the south side of the lake. This has raised the lake over 7m in height in just two months, the lake is over 10000 sq hectares very big.

We had our packed lunch, Salmon and cucumber sandwiches, with Caesar salad and coconut cake with a bottle of chateau Neuf de pap 1986 over looking the glacier, when we spoofed and took photographs of a condor, unfortunately I did not have my largest telephoto lens with me but I will next time. The next set of photos will be of the condors.....

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