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View from hotel

Flamingoes here in Argentina no way ......yes way

Flamingo flying south

Mountains Just overpoweringly awesome

Alison correctly drinking mate

Our evening meal being prepared

European Hare v Cara Cara ( Eagle)

So it's Saturday afternoon and we requested a stroll down to the Lake, when we informed we would need a guide as well as full artic gear, we thought they must take us as some Lilly liveried townies. However they stroll ended up as an 1and half hike across the Patagonian Plato with a gale force Westland wind driven across the Andes. It fine from the balcony with a glass of red wine. Anyhow worth the visit as one our Guide Rodrigaz had brought some mate( said like mattea ) and two there were flamingoes all in perfect condition and coloured in spectactular pink. Also saw so many other birds but apart from the sand piper and kerlew (same as in Uk) pretty neat.

Struggled back up the Mountain well hill for another well earned glass of Merlot for 13,000 steps and 3 hour hike.

We find out its Eolo 13th Birthday party and a special smoked lamb meal was being prepared for the celebration. Fortunately the hotel was fully booked,17 rooms, therefore Alison and I did not have to clear our plates!

The sun does not set until 22:30 so we sat overlooking the vista, hoping that the half of sheep(Cordero) we had just consumed would settle before heartburn kicked in. We witnessed a commotion and thought the eagle, Cura Cura was attacking a European Hare, it transpired that the Hare was attacking the Eagle to keep it away from getting its young....fascinating....wildlife just happening around all the time. We think we saw our first Condor but I was not quick enough and got to the camera, but tomorrow's another day, this adventure gets keeps on amazing us. Well Asta Manyarna to The Peirto Morento Glacier in the next Installment

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