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Carpe Diem at the Gulfport MS Wal*Mart

Crossing the bayou on the Atchafalaya Bridge
This 18½ mile bridge is the...

Approaching the Mississippi River crossing

Crossing the Mississippi River

At Baton Rouge we take I 12 to avoid New Orleans

We enter Mississippi

It rained most of the day, but sometimes pretty heavy

Sun, 17 Dec: A rainy day on the road...

During the wee hours of the morning the long promised rain arrived. It continued most of the morning, sometimes heavy, most times not. Happily it wasn't raining when we awoke and held off while we completed our outside chores and got ready to travel.

Bob rolled wheels a few minutes after eight and in short order we were in I 10 eastbound. Early on there was little traffic but as we approached Lafayette it built. We've noticed that drivers in Louisiana seem to be congenitally unable to merge onto an Interstate. They run along the on ramp at a leisurely pace and only when the on ramp ends do they look only to discover a large RV is right alongside. More than once we had to change our speed to accommodate those idiots.

Around Lafayette we caught up with the rain and also entered the 18½ mile Atchafalaya Bridge. This twin span bridge is the third longest bridge in the United States and the second longest on the Interstate System (a longer bridge, also in Louisiana, can be found on I 55). For years the pavement has been very rough, but they've done repair work and it is now a very nice ride.

We switched drivers west of Baton Rouge and Sandi got to navigate thru Louisiana's Capital City. Just east of town we picked up I 12, which skirts the north side of Lake Ponchartrain and avoids driving on I 10 thru New Orleans. We reconnected with I 10 just west of the Mississippi border near Slidell.

Once in Mississippi the rain continued and, at times, was quite torrential. We didn't experience any major problems and arrived at Gulfport thirty-four miles later. Exiting the Interstate we drove a few miles on local streets to find a place to park at the Gulfport Wal*Mart. We arrived a few minutes after one and got set up.

Today's drive was a long-ish 260 miles with an overall fuel economy of 8⅖ mpg.

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