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Spegazini Glacier at 10km

Our first iceberg about 50m X 10m above water line

Just to confirm we were there

Upsala Glacier

Amazing Azur as we Would now say

So many photo opportunities not enough to edit

This morning which Saturday16th we were packed by our hotel with a backpack full of food, just in case we got hungry for a snack!!!!! We have to be driven the 7km from the hotel to meet the bus on our shared transport, yes the one Alison to wanted so she could speak to somebody else, well guess what, there the other 6 people were all Argentinian and our limited Spanglish got as far as Buenos Dais and Adios. Anyhow it is a different voice.

So we head to a Cataraman were we board and head to the Glacier. Spegazini is one if he largest glaciers created by 3 separate glaciers. It creates the largest icebergs because the glacier feeds on top of the lake and at 400m deep when the ice calves off to create icebergs, there are massive in size so we are not allowed within 10kms but still looks spectacular and massive even from this distance.

We then have commercial opportunity for photographs next to the iceberg with Santa hats, but you will have to wait to next years Christmas cards to see.

We then visited the Upsala glacier which is a stable glacier for our close encounter with the front face. Amazing colours and so many photographs.I have chosen a few for your viewing, I know you can't wait to the full selection now siting at over 2600 and 35 videos. I should have called the blog 1 million photographs!,,

More importantly Alison chatted with an Argentian English School teacher from Buenos Aires, which was particularly funny as she was correcting our grammar and spellings not only Spanish but English as well.

No she and her husband were really kind and pleasant and we shared their mate. Alison made the critical error of touching the straw and we were almost keel hauled for this etiquette error.

The mate tastes like really bitter and strong tea but it is a very social activity.

Came back for afternoon tea and a walk to the lake, see next instalment.

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