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Hugo, definitely ready for a long walk!

Goldfish, in the front of a little pet fish shop!

An art shop along the way.

Bright lights looking toward the intersection.

Floral tributes, for good luck, outside a new restaurant.

The renovation work is progressing rapidly at the sporting stadium.

Lovely, cosy little two-level restaurant.

Eating places aplenty, and this one has the most amazing crystal chandelier.

Our favourite, Lotus Restaurant, in it's new location.

Aston English, a new one on me.

I'd been home all day, doing housework, washing, computer work, also crochet and stitching. So, I decided that this afternoon would be a good time for a long walk.

In the afternoon I had a call from Craig, which was nice. So good to hear his voice, and hear what he has been up to. For some reason we can't hook up on wechat, which confuses me, because I can talk to other friends in Australia. But he did tell me that he could not set up a chat on Messenger with their friend in the US, so I am thinking it must be a problem his end. I hope we can get it sorted, so I can chat to the kids at Xmas.

It was already early evening by the time I left with Hugo, and we walked the block that surrounds the Sports Stadium. I am amazed at the little shops you find along the way, and also the many, many restaurants. The restaurants all seem to be fairly well patronised too. I guess because the prices are reasonable, it helps to get people out and on their seats.

When I got back, I took Hugo back to the apartment, then headed right out again, to get myself dinner. I went down to the little place Melrose and I had found, that sold potato wedges. The owner has linked up with us on wechat, so I am kept up to date with what she has on offer, and what she has on special.

My dinner was not huge, but very nice. I started with coffee, which was pretty good for China. That is not always the case - you go and expect when you are used to, and sometimes disappointment is the result!!

Then I had chicken wings, that appear to have been roasted, and topped with a yummy sauce, and served up on a bed of sliced potato. Delicious!

And last to come out was mashed potato, with cheese baked on top, and some diced ham mixed through the potato. Very nice, and while I was sitting there, I was able to call Cheryl and have a chat. Sometimes, it is nice to go out alone for a meal, as then I can catch up on messages, and other anti-social activities.

I was home by about 9pm, so it gave me plenty of time to settle in for a relaxing evening.

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