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Well, even without an alarm, I got up at a reasonable time today. A small miracel to most people, but perhaps a quite big one to me! This apartment is so dark, with no real daylight, that my sleep patterns are even more out of whack than usual!

I put on the pork bones to cook, and prepared all the vegetables, to add to the mix later on.

And then I even swept and mopped the floors. I can't believe how much fur Hugo loses every day. But at least it is done again, for today.

Melrose was planning to come over this way later on, but firstly she needed to go to a doctor to get a certificate for when she was sick last week. Kevin was going to go with her, as his Chinese is really good. He's only been here for about 8 months, and already can speak pretty well, and even read in Chinese!

And she also needed to go to China Telecom to pay her internet subscription. She had tried yesterday, but had no success making her needs understood.

Anyway, she had success today. Then she went to the cheesecake shop to get me a stash of cheesecake. Today is the 12th of the 12th, and it appears to have some huge significance in shopping terms. Double 12 has lots of great discounts. The cheesecake shop was offering 60% discount on all their cheesecake slices. So I got six pieces, which I put into the freezer to enjoy at my leisure!!

When Melrose arrived, we first went to Jieway, for her to return her faulty shoes, and for me to try and buy warm clothes for our journey to the icy north. I ended up getting two pairs of pants, for 99rmb ($20) each. They are too long, but I can deal with that. The price ticket on the pants is 299rmb for one of them, and 398rmb for the other.

I also got a beautiful jacket for 220rmb ($44) and the price ticket on that is 899rmb. The quality is just wonderful, and I am very pleased to be totally kitted out, ready for the cold.

Melrose exchanged her faulty shoes as well, but then while I was trying on clothes, she found a pair of shoes, a bit more expensive, but she fell in love with them, and she paid the difference, and ended up with a gorgeous pair of lime green casual shoes.

We came back here, and I got our dinner going. I've been having fun making Phillipine food, which I really enjoy. But soon I must branch out into some different recipes!

Tonight was Karekare, which entails boiling up the meaty pork bones until the meat is tender. Then setting aside the meat, and the stock. You fry up chopped onion and garlic, then add in the stock, and a jar of peanut butter. When it comes to the boil, you add in the meat to let it heat through, and then chunks of eggplant, bok choy, and sliced beans.

Very very tasty. And making it from scratch is much better than what we did before, when we used a sachet of a ready made powder mix.

When it was time for Melrose to leave, I put Hugo on his lead, and walked to the supermarket. I left her holding on to him, while I went into Walmart to get coffee. He was so funny - he walked with Melrose, but stayed very close to me. If I stopped, he would not walk at all, and if I walked ahead, he strained and pulled Melrose along. I won't give him away, but he seems very concerned about the possibility.

She headed off for the bus, and I went home, cleared away the extra karekare, washed the dishes and put them away, then I could relax for the rest of the evening!!

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