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I set off this morning, filled with trepidation, hoping that I can manage the visit to the police station, without too much difficulty. The only difficulty will be managing language barriers.

I took my crochet with me, as I presumed I would have some waiting time, during the process.

My first stop was to the office, to see if Nicole was going to be available if I needed to phone her this afternoon. She looked at my passport, and decided to advise me to do nothing. They have made a mistake, and the visa in my passport is going to override the permit that the police station gave me. So, that has set my mind at rest. No need to worry any more! Thank goodness for that!

So, now I am very glad that I brought my crochet with me. I have a long time to fill before Scott's 4.20 class. So, up to Scott's house I went, made myself a coffee, and settled back to fill in about four hours. But I got sleepy, and not long after Scott got home from his kindergarten class, I fell asleep.

When I woke up, I thought my phone clock said 1.43, and was surprised at the light, or lack of. I made a coffee, and was relaxing, enjoying it. I was messaging Melrose, when I realized it was actually 4.43! Whoopsy, I must have needed that sleep. But now I am really late for class!! So I finished up my coffee, and hurried down to the class. The students all laughed at me, for my tardiness!

After my class, I got a bus out to the Chain Mart, near to where Melrose lives. I really wanted to try and find the frozen peas that she has found, and also want vegetables for cooking tomorrow.

On the bus, I met some really lovely people. Firstly a girl who I later discovered worked for Mary Kay Cosmetics. I had help talking to her from a lovely boy, who is 15 and a middle school student. I connected with her on wechat, and then using the translate tool, we could communicate! When she got off, I continued talking with the boy, and learned a little about his school life, and his favourite subjects. I encouraged him to keep up his English practice, and to always feel brave enough to speak to foreigners, as his English is quite good enough for simple communication.

After him, I got speaking to three girls who were also middle school students, aged 15 and 16 years. One was more outspoken, but the other two were quite able to chat with me too.

Anyway, eventually, after a very slow trip through the city centre, due to traffic build up, I got to Chain Mart. I got most of what I needed, but struggled to find the frozen peas. After messaging Melrose, and then going back to do a thorough search, sure enough, I found frozen peas, and frozen corn kernels!! Just adds to the range of what I can cook!

When I was finished, Melrose was waiting outside for me, so we crossed the road to get a bus into the city centre. She wants to go through the night market to get some warm pants for working in. Masny of them are too thin, or else way too thick, which would be very hot moving about in the classroom with kindy aged kids.

I had not yet eaten, so we went to the Xi'an cafe, and I again had two of their little pork buns. Very nice.

We wandered up the night market street, and Melrose ended up with three pair of socks for 10rmb ($5), and also a track suit type top for 10rmb! Then we found a lovely jumper that she fell in love with, and she managed to get it for 30rmb ($6). Then when we were chatting to the young woman selling the jumper she felt guilty for bargaining so hard, when the girl told us she was expecting twins, and was dreading her near future!!

She did eventually find what she was looking for originally. A nice pair of grey fleece pants! I hope they will fit, and be just right for her!

We both got our respective buses home, from Jianshe Lu. It had been a very productive shopping trip, and I was actually looking forward to cooking tomorrow!

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