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After another fantastic sunset and on another day in wild Patagonia, Augustine informs us that the wind is not good for orca, but we will go to the coast to have a look. After driving for over two hours we go to the coast on the east on his friends ranch to look for orca. We have a packed lunch so it may be a long wait.

Having parked up in the dunes we wander down to coast and see a Megellian Penguin. Further on we notice them everywhere, under each of the bushes with perhaps 3 or 4 nesting birds with one of the parents and either chicks X 2 or chick and egg or chick. Each penguin just sits there rotating their head to get a better view of us, but not moving or making a sound, just inquisitive. As we carefully step over and around we amount the summit on the beach to see thousands of penguins along the coast for miles, over 203,741 on the see with double the number on the nests. Sea lions were patrolling the sea to catch any unaware penguin for lunch, as soon as the sealions were spotted, the penguins would rush to safety beyond the high tide line. Giant Pectorals, Vultures and skewers patrol the skies above again looking for a free lunch. We sat there mesmerised in awe of raw Patagonia life happening around us. We settled on the beach the only humans for perhaps 40 miles in any direction. The penguins initially concern melted away and soon we were surrounded and being allowed to be in their group.

This was so special as again we were privelledged to be siting in an area not open to anyone else but Augustine guests.

We later find out that Maria's great grandfather from the Basque region in France settled and built the ranch in 1890 and her forefathers run the ranch and now that she is owner of the ranch.

No orcas today but what an experience, so spectacularly real.

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