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Rugged pristine coastline with elephant seal pups

On the Cliffs

Sunbathing on the beach

Getting closer

Please not another of your English knock knock jokes

Living the dream

Our accommodation is based on a Estancia Ranch with 16 rooms and for our first night we were with an American couple, but they left in the morning thereafter we were there by ourselves, so every day was a Spanish lesson followed by mind blowing experiences.

Augustine is like a David Attenborough and Jacques Cousteau mixed into one but he is living the dream not showing it. I have so much admiration for him as he has converted the sheep farm and turned I his ranch back to nature. He has set up camera traps across his land to capture the animals and he has fantastic footage. He also plays a national geographic video in where he talks about the elephant seals and orcas which are on his land.

We toured his ranch by land rover and it is massive and on the route visited the camera traps and downloaded the cameras and caught large cats, not Pumas although I believe they are about. On the rugged coast we overlooked cliffs and beaches covered by elephant seal pups and adolescents that we either awaiting to leave or awaiting to shed their skins. Raw untouched prestige environment alive with life, brilliant. Went down to beach on his ranch which you are not allowed to do anywhere else on the Penisular and sat with the pups, almost touching distance.... Speechless I was in tears with the experience...They are very noisy farting, burping, sneezing, grunting and those eyes, so very big, finger nails, eyelashes, we just sat there for hours .....

They have a beach hut or should I say beach mansion over looking the cliff, amazing.

Came back to our home where we are being looked after by Maria, whose cooking is fantastic and we have had to ask to half portions. The evening spent with more Spanish lessons and looking at the stars. So many photos running out of space on iCloud even though we have got 2TB of space over 2000 photos to date and 30 videos.

Being as isolated as we are nearest other people are over 25km away the internet connection is 56k the updates are being being sent from Pueto Madryn

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