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Valdes Penisular our first burrowing owls

Rhea in out of our window

One of a thousand Marras

Southern Grey Whale heading out

Baby burrowing owl looking at the tourist

This is the area where the orcas beach themselves to catch the sealion and elephant seal pups, but more later. I will be writing a day a page for this period as I have been so moved and inspired by the area and our host family Augustine and Marie at Estancia Rincon Chico in the very South East corner of the Valdes Peninsular.

Anyhow more of this later.

Phillips pick us up from the airport in a monster truck, Alison needed steps (to get in) exited the airport on the main motorway, which if we headed north for 20 hours would have got us back to Buenas Aires, note we are the only ones on the motorway for 3/4 of a hour until we get to our turn off to the VP and another hour to the first port on dirt road.( hence reason for Monster truck.) We arrived at Puerto Piramides to be launched on a boat to go see whales, fortunately we found a mother and calf heading out of Golfo Neuvo towards Antartica as she had just weaned the pup 5 tons and 20 metres long!!!! We may see them in Antarctica as it will take them 20 days to get there. We were lucky to see them as these are the last to leave.

Having climbed back into the truck we head for over another 90 minutes to our accommodation during this time we stop to see some of the wildlife in this prestige sanctuary. Phillips loves taking photographs 20 at least where 2 would do he is also a twitcher and loves burrowing owls. we saw rhea, guanacos(llama), maras (dog sized animal but moves like a kangaroo) and sheep. As this area is covered by 57 estancia we are outnumbered by sheep 1000000 to 1. And surprisingly most names are Welsh and Welsh is taught in schools, perhaps not so surprising with sheep and the Wales connection!!!

So we arrived at Ricon Chico and the gate entrance is over 5km from the ranch, the ranch covers over 100 sq km of land and is sits in the middle of the area with 5kms to the south facing beach, 5kms to the east facing beach and dunes to the west. Generator and wi if only on from 19:00 to 23:00, hence the catch up.

Very windy, very flat, large sky, amesomely wild and beautiful. More to follow.

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