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Clouds covered Rarotonga

This is the port we were supposed to land on

Watching them trying to load the tender back onto the ship

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Watching the tender come back from Rarotonga after just hearing the decision...

The weather was very ominous when we arrived at Rarotonga this morning. The seas where really rocking n rolling and the wind gusting to 35 mph. There is no protected harbor here, the ship just anchors out in the ocean and they shuttle you to shore on the tender boats.

The tender boats that were launched to pick up the local immigration officials, had a lot of problems getting along side without bashing into the ship or water washing into the doors. After 30 mins, the captain announced it was too rough so we were going to try to go to the other side of the island and see if the waves and wind were better. It was not, so the decision was to move onto the next stop – Tonga. We did make a full circle around the island so we could take in the views before heading out across the ocean again. It was nice to at least see land for a while even if we can’t get to it.

Mel was really disappointed since we had found out the Cook Islanders have a special type of quilting they do which we were hoping to see. Maybe we will see it when we get to New Zealand, since the Cook Islands are part of NZ.

It was overcast and rainy much of the day. It was a good day to go to afternoon Tea and the lecture on Sea Birds.

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