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We had something marvelous waiting for us each day

We will miss these!

So cool!

We think it is a cobra

Lord of his universe!

Big Foot is alive and well!



What a lovely place

Everything was appropriately themed

So pretty

Shops along the canal

Our cheerful helper Victor was sad to see us go - he...

We spotted this lovely lady at the airport

Sandi made this cooking vanilla extract herself!

Omaha, NE We had to say goodbye today to our all-inclusive resort. It will be tough to go back home where we have to cook our own meals and make our bed ourselves! We slowly meandered our way to the front of the resort, taking time to spot a monkey or two, lots of iguana and an agouti. Up front, we found our transportation for the hour-long drive to the airport. Our shuttle driver Victor, who had taken care of us all week, was there to see us off. Since our flights left at different times, we got Barb & Jim off and then wandered the airport. After being sure we had carefully scoped out the Customs Free stores, we found a place selling Mexican vanilla. After a bit of conversation, Sandi got to make her own bottle of vanilla extract. First she added some liquid extract, then chose an appropriate vanilla bean and then added water. It must now be shaken every other day for 60 days. Imagine that - custom made vanilla extract! Who would have thought we would return with such a treasure? Although Barb and Jim landed in a nasty snowstorm in Boston and Terry and Cindy's original flight was cancelled causing them to spend even more time in the airport, all eventually reached home safely but very tired.

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