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I awoke after the second night in a row of good sleep. In fact I had slept until nearly 8:00 and was just sipping my first cup of coffee when Bob stopped by. He brought some homemade cinnamon rolls which were delicious as one of them became the perfect treat with my second cup of coffee.

Bob returned a bit later and we took my empty propane bottle to have it filled. We tried a Tractor Supply Store first but their equipment was down for maintenance, so we drove over to the “Pony Express Propane” place where the price was a bit higher than the other place would have been.

I completed several additional chores after returning home and then Marilyn & I drove off to the store to pick up a prescription which was not ready even though they said to pick it up after 4:00 two days ago. Grrr..

Back at the RV, Marilyn put things away while I helped new neighbors, Barry & Paula, who just arrived today. We were finished in time for me to fix another nice batch of oyster stew, which we enjoyed while watching the Army vs Navy football game. What a game that was as both teams fought their hearts out, playing the entire game on a snow covered field with snow falling throughout the game. I rooted for Army and they won but the game could have gone either way as every play was important. Army won by a score of 14 – 13.

Marilyn reminded me that I need to do my exercise regimen (for my back) so that is what I’ll do as soon as I post this journal entry.

Life is Good!

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