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looking to the back yard

Hillsborough River goes by

looking back to the house

exotic yard decoration

another one taken from their restaurant

owners live next door

main dining area

up a stair to quaint foyer

living room and front door

up a stair to sitting room

one bedroom

my bedroom is up a stair from sitting room

another bedroom near mine

painting in living room

peacock collection - want it Angie?

woodpecker busy next door

night lights across the river

Chic & Marilyn enjoy a big dinner and beer

I am with June & Nancy

Cindy with ogre in 7th Sun brewery

I traveled to Tampa by way of Lakeland (got a couple of letterboxes and had the engine oil changed at Jiffylube) to meet the other members of the "Beer Crew" for a visit to breweries and to see a bit of Tampa. Pam & Debby organized and led the trip. Chic, Marilyn, June, Nancy, Cindy, and I made up the group for this visit.

The house and cottage were rented for two nights for the 8 of us and it cost each of us $65 a night! I stayed for only one night because I am cat and house sitting and didn't feel that I could leave the cats for 2 nights and 3 days. the house has a very strange design and decor! There were doodads all over the place, steps from one room to another, and a kitchen that only allowed one person in the aisle! At least one didn't have to waste steps between stove, fridge, and sink!!

Very soon after I got there (I was last at 3:35 even though we were told to be there between 3:30 and 4!) we left to go to the Tampa Bay Brewing Company in Ybor City (a section of Tampa). We like to go to breweries early to beat the crowds and make sure we get a table. I didn't bring my camera for this night out so the brewery pics you see were taken by Cindy. We ate dinner there and it was good! I guess we like comfort foods because we got dinners like meatloaf, shepherd's pie, and the like. I got a little something and shared with Chic & Marilyn. They ended up buying my appetizer as well for no reason!

From there, we drove to a brewery that was only half a mile from the house - 7th Sun Brewery. This place had no food to offer but many kinds of beers. We typically get "flights" or a favorite and pass them around so everyone who wants to can try different beers. I have to admit I don't like lots of them but it is fun to be with the group and do these things!

We were back at the house before 8 PM and enjoyed the Christmas lights shining on the river by some neighbors before seeing a little TV and going to bed by 10!

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