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Our day began early as we had a variety of items on our “To-Do” list. Marilyn rode with me to the James E Cary Cancer Center in Hannibal where I had blood drawn for the lab before meeting with Doctors the following morning. It was nice to see some of the good people who were helping me with my therapy.

As soon as we finished the Lab work, we headed off, back to Palmyra, to see our regular Doctor. Things went very well there and we were soon finished. In fact we had time to drive around Palmyra for a while before getting an adjustment from the Chiropractor.

By the time I was finished it was a bit past lunch time so we ate lunch at the Chinese Restaurant in Hannibal.

After lunch we took a few minutes to drive out to the cave to say hello to our friends there. We missed several of these good folks but managed to share hugs with a couple who were working at the time.

When we left the Cave we drove out to Garth Mansion where we were staying for two nights. It sure was nice to see Julie & John again as these two are very special friends and had invited us to stay with them while taking care of the Medical issues I have.

John, Julie, Marilyn & I all joined in a fun afternoon spent decorating Christmas trees for the Mansion. Marilyn and Julie had a great time clowning around together and we all had fun with lots of laughs.

John & I went out to pick up pizza for dinner and returned to the Mansion where we met several of the guests and enjoyed some great conversation with our friends.

John set up a projector to watch Monday Night Football, but I maintained my boycott of the NFL by going off to bed for some much needed sleep.

Tomorrow we get the results of my treatment for Cancer and then we’ll know how things are going to go for a while. No matter what the results, we know that we are blessed and Life is Good!

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