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One of our dining areas - it is beautiful!

Housekeeping fashioned this on our bed. Isn't it wonderful?

Deer wander the walkways, unafraid of guests

Whimsical seats at one of the pool bars

Sleepy monkey

Uncooperative monkey would not pose

The monkeys have free run of the resort

Canal boat passing along the shops of the resort

Iguana go any where they want

This guy let people hold him (iguana not man)

Challenging water aerobics class

Having some fun in the water - and getting sun-burned!

Brother Terry, Cindy,sister Barb, Sandi, Sandi's Jim and Barb's Jim

So incredible! Works of art!

How many hours did the carving and the desserts take?

We had a special treat for dessert - strawberries flambe

So dramatic

The fire got away from him and was burning on the tray!

Our strawberries were almost ready for us.

Our view while dining - it is truly beautiful here.

The festive lights invited us back ":home" after dinner

Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico We have not yet managed to fully utilize all of the facilities and activities offered but we are trying to do so before we venture off property again. On an early morning stroll we walked right up to deer and agouti, almost stepped on a couple of iguana, and searched fruitlessly for the boa constrictor our shuttle driver Victor swears is there. We were amused by the vigorous water aerobics class which started out with 2 men and 20 women and was weaned down to 13 women. The 2 men were the first to drop out, much to the amusement of the male instructor. Although we were entertained, we have to admit we did not even consider giving it a try. In the afternoon, there was a pick-up water polo game. Again, we chose not to participate as we have not the faintest idea of the rules! There is something different each day so we are eager for tomorrow. What shall we try next?

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