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Xplor Adventure Park

Marvelous trees growing in air at the entance to the park

Helmets were required at all times, even when not on a ride,...

Jim is ready!

Stalactite River Swim

Lots of stalactities and stalagmites

Supposedly a number of skeletons were found in these caverns

Some preferred the comfort of a hammock to adventuring

Zip-lining was great!

Getting ready to launch

We zipped right through waterfalls

Jim actually got stuck in one of the waterfalls but we all...

We spent the whole day and had a really great time

Sandi getting wet

Sandi whizzed down the water chute!

Jim is up pretty high

Jim having fun

Sandi above the treetops

Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico We had expected to be on a 13-hour tour today. It had been scheduled well in advance for Monday. The tour operator changed it to Tuesday. Then at 10 pm Monday night he called to say he was sick so we postponed to Friday. Oh, well. We simply improvised and spent the day at 146-acre Xplor Adventure Park. The place is fascinating. Lots of it is underground in a huge network of caves complete with stalactites and stalagmites. We have no idea how many miles we walked underground to move from one activity to another but it seemed enormous. There are 6 activities: zip-lines, amphibious vehicles, rafts, swimming in underground rivers, spelunking and hammock splash. First up was the Stalactite River Swim. The water temperature is "brisk" but we soon became accustomed. We swam/floated/bobbed/walked along an underground river, through amazing caverns with lots of twists and turns for about 400m. We found it a bit challenging. Amphibious Vehicles are basically jeeps. One drives through jungle trails, crossing suspended bridges and goes under the surface into caverns and caves. Then we did the Underground Rafts, again on an underground river through rock formations whose existence has taken millions of years to develop. We sat atop 2-person rafts and used hand paddles that looked like flip-flops. We paddled about 570 meters. The best thing we did, however, was the zip lines. The other Jim opted out and happily spent his time gently rocking in a hammock while the other 5 of us played. There are 14 zip-lines with 3.8 km of trails. The highest zip-line is 45m above ground and the lowest is 8m BELOW ground. We zipped along at 30 km/h, crossed suspended bridges, rode down a water slide, and got drowned by waterfalls and from being dumped into cenotes. We loved it!

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