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Map of our very large resort. Our rooms are in the upper...

Sandi's sister Barb and hubby Jim at breakfast

The resort offers lots of activities

One of the several beautiful pools



The agouti are quite skittish but this guy posed for us

One of the many attractive eateries

A new friend


Pretty flamingo

Another water play area

Is he smiling at us?

Showing off his spectacular spines

Someone is comfy. Jim found a great place to relax.

We were fascinated by the pelican's fishing nearby

The pelicns would soar up and dive straight down to get a...

The elusive monkey!

Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico We are gearing up for a full day of adventure tomorrow so we continued to marshal our energy by exploring and enjoying the benefits of our resort today. It sure is tough trying to decide whether to swim in the pool, plunge into the ocean or just snooze in the beach cabana! Actually, we have been on a quest to find all the resident wildlife. Our shuttle driver, Victor, assures us there are lots and lots of boa constrictors - as yet unconfirmed. He had also been adamant that there are monkeys in the trees and spent some time driving us around to help us spot them. Alas, we did not. Later, however, Sandi's brother Terry DID confirm the monkey report. He spotted them down near one of the walkways. In fact, there were 5 of them. The rest of us hope to see them, too, but the search will be put on hold for a couple of days as we venture out. We presume they will wait for us.

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