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First a bite to eat in the Bedmond Hotel Das Cataratus balcony...

Sun going down on day 9 over the falls

Moonlight walk at 10:30 under a full moon, brilliant

Just like Jurrasic Park but more awesomely powerful and mind blowing

Quito, nearly stolen our rucksack fortunately no food!!!

Toucans to wake up to

As I sit here in the Belmond Hotel Das Cataratas after stuffing ourselves silly on the Brazilian "All you can eat" Buffett and a couple of our now favourite cocktails caipirinha, I reflect on are unbelievable fantastico few days at the Falls.

We arrived into the airport and were immediately swept in 5star luxury. We had been booked on the front row of the a la carte resturant over looking the falls. Following what was an excellent fish dish caught from the falls. We were than booked on a full moon midnight walk to the falls to see the moon bow. What an over powering experience, it was out of the world. Apart from The gob stopping sight, I got the opportunity to try out my long exposure photography and created some wonderful photographs, that you shall have to wait and see. Then off to bed and up at 6 to venture into the national park and sunrise photographs, saw our first toucans. Back from breakfast then off to Argentina to see the other of the falls. Magnificent, jaricca park like and so close to nature and her power. Off then onto a power boat ride into and under the falls. Alison thoughtfully wore her raincoat, however when she put her hands up to keep her hood in, the waterfall ran into her jacket, filling her up like a Michelin man. Brilliant fun and excillerating. The park closes at 6 to non residence so Alison and I went down to the Devil throats walk way into the middle of the falls and we had the place to ourselves, I was so emotional I also cried, if it were not for the drenching from the thundering falls.

Another day up at six and today's mission was to capture vultures falling with the falls behind and mission accomplished headed back to hotel for breakfast and some sunbathing. Afternoon visit to the largest hydro station in the world and some technical questions for the guides as half the station operates at 50hz for Brazil and the other half at 60hz for Paraguay and yet Brazil takes 80% of the power output, how can this be achieved answers to be sent in an email. So off to bed now and on reflection a wonderful place to come only wished we seen a jaguar may be next year? Now going bed and heading to Buenos Aires in the morning, enjoy the video

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