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Xcaret Resort

Sunrise as seen from our balcony

There are many pool areas and an ocean swimming area as well

The resort includes wildlife

These are red macaw

Some of the iguana are at least a couple of feet long

He thinks we cannot see him!

We found a group of about 12 coatimundi

Handsome fella

A poinsettia tree adorns the lobby area

We have not done the boat ride yet

Although there are smooth sand beaches, we also have rocky shores

Some Mayan ruins on the property

Wonderful paths throughout the property

This is a small ancient Mayan temple

Coconuts growing right outside our door

Ancient Mayan chapel ruins

Our group at "our table": Jim, sister Barb & Jim, waiter, brother...

Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico We have several activities lined up for the week but today was all about exploring Xcaret. The resort is quite extensive and, with all the lush foliage, it is pretty easy to get lost. We did. Much to Jim's delight, there is wildlife on the property. The iguana really blend in with the background despite the fact that, snout to tail, their length can reach 72". We have not seen any quite that large yet but, since they hide so well, we could have walked right past them. The coatimundi or coati are not nearly as shy. As we were walking a trail, about a dozen decided to cross right where we were. They took their time and were less than 3' from us. Exciting! There are also some ruins on the property but we will be seeing more impressive ruins later in the week. Sandi's brother Terry may have spotted a monkey in the trees but we could not confirm it. All did confirm, however, that there was a hawk flying around at the open-air restaurant where we had lunch. It landed in the rafters. Also exciting! There are lots of activities available at the resort. Sandi's sister Barb took part in a stretching class she says was rather challenging. Her husband Jim chose to occupy a cabana beachside rather than join her. Later we watched a bit of a very interesting water aerobics class. It was quite lively! We may have to consider giving it a go ourselves!

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