2017 River Cruise Budapest ot Amsterdam - Christmas Markets travel blog

Walk in Closet with mirror

Concert Hall

Opera House

Whimsical Sculpture

Town Hall & Christmas Market

Old Pharmacy


US Embassy


Christine at Christmas Market

Christine at Christmas Market

Christmas Market

Christmas Market

Santa at the Opera

Slovakian Village

Fortified Church

Cottage where we were entertained

Our Hostess

Around the table

Inside the cottage

Bratislava Castle at night

Bridge with revolving restaurant

What difference a day makes! We woke to blue skies and a white ground. They said there had been a lot of snow, but to us it was just a light covering of wet, melting, icy snow. A beautiful day nevertheless, cold, but perfectly walkable. We were up early and got ready. Our room has a walk in closet with a full length mirror on the far wall (see photo) which makes it appear a lot bigger than it is. It is so effective that Christine has walked into the mirror several times reaching for clothes which are, in fact alongside her. It seems to be a case of the contrived, contriving too much! We had breakfast then joined the walking tour of Bratislava. It was interesting going round a lot of the places I had visited when we were here before. The tour was not identical, but did cover most of the same points of interest.

When the tour finished, we retraced our steps to a coffee shop where we had coffee, then wound our way round stores Christine had seen and made a few purchases, then went to the square at the city hall where a Christmas market was set up. We browsed the stalls then headed for the ship.

We had lunch and got ready for another tour which comprised a bus ride out to a village where we were shown into a 100-year-old house where we were entertained by a lady who served us a warm wine drink like mulled wine or the German Gluhwein and cake, followed by some new wine, like the German Federwasser or Portuguese Vinho Verde. She described how she had come to be in the house through marriage and showed us a number of photos depicting herself growing up and her and her husband's families. It was a very interesting afternoon.

We returned to the boat and got ready for dinner. Each night there is a talk on the next day's activities before dinner. We had dinner with an Australian couple and an English couple and enjoyed a good meal with engaging company.

There was a movie being shown afterwards, which we did not want to see, but we were curious to see how the pool gets transformed into a cinema, so went along to see it. The floor of the pool rises up and the water cascades under the floor till the floor reaches the same level as the surrounding area. It looks well finished and it is hard to imagine that there is, in fact, a pool under the floor.

We returned to the room and Christine read while I updated the journal and sorted the photos.

The ship left as we were finishing dinner and arrives tomorrow morning in Vienna where we spend the day.

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