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Imagine going to the dentist, and being visible to all and sundry!

Very misty over Star Lake this afternoon.

Very misty over Star Lake this afternoon.

Looks like Christmas is coming!

We will be here. Shame I could not see into the barricades,...

Darryl Braithwaite eat your heart out. So many horses.

Fire passage? Keep it clear anyway!

This little girl was happy on her shopping trip with Mum and...

Fountain at the end of Tianning Lu, taken out the bus window.

Progress on the latest baby blanket. This little one is due very...

The lovely yarn I am using.

My new back scrubber.

I am hoping that this will be very comfortable in the shower.

I slept very late again this morning, even after going to sleep at a reasonable hour last night. This apartment gets no sunlight, and very little daylight, and I think it is throwing my system out of whack. Thankfully it is only temporary!

I sent a few messages today, to organize my next few days. One was to Cheer, to ask his help in interpreting the train schedules, and prices, for our trip to the north in February. He will be a great help, as he is so careful with information seeking!

Then I messaged Gary, who was a colleague at the medical college. He had wanted to catch up last weekend, but I was busy. We will catch up tomorrow night, for a roast pidgeon dinner! Sounds good, but more importantly, I am really looking forward to seeing him.

And my third message was to Winnie. She wants to take me for a walk around the old city wall, and she is free for Tuesday afternoon. So that is also something to look forward to. Being a local, she is a wealth of information, and is very good at sharing the knowledge she has. I am hoping the Melrose is also going to be free to join us.

As I was waiting for a bus to go to the Renmin Zhonglu markets, to get a few more balls of yarn for the rug I am currently making, I had a message from Melrose. She was on her way home, before heading in to RT Mart, so we arranged to meet later.

I got to the markets after having a little chat with a young woman and her six year old son, on the bus. She spoke virtually no English, and of course my Chinese is less than basic, but it was even better than her English!! That's definitely a first for me.

I got three more balls of yarn, at 6rmb each. These are to make a blanket for Yuna and Nick. I met them at the Thanksgiving dinner the other week. They already have a three year old daughter, and are expecting their second baby any day now. So I really have to keep plugging away at it.

Even though I had had a stopover on the way, I still got to the city, and Star Lake Mall before Melrose. Just enough time to take a few photos on the way. It was a very misty evening, with a feeling of rain in the air, but not cold.

We wandered into the shopping centre, heading towards a shoe shop that Melrose knows, and on the way we ran into Kevin, from the US, who works with Melrose. We decided to detour and have dinner before shopping. Kevin had a class at 7.30, so we did not have too much time. We crossed the road, to the street alongside the bus station, and went into a big Chinese restaurant that I have been to quite a few times before, but never without Chinese friends. Kevin has been here only 8 months, but already his Chinese is really good, and he can communicate quite easily with the wait staff! Well done, I say, but of course at 25 it is much easier to learn new things. That's my story anyway!!

When he left, we went back over the road, and started our mission again. Melrose had found some boots in another store, but they did not have her size, and she knew there was another branch in Star Lake Mall. She was lucky to find just what she wanted. Leather ankle boots for a mere 119rmb. Around $24!

Then we went up to the supermarket, as I was looking for a back scrubbing brush, like the one Scott found recently. But no luch in RT Mart, so we decided to go over to Walmart and try there. We scoured the bathroom accessories section, to no avail, but as we were leaving, I thought to look in the area where they have shower gel and bath soap, and sure enough I found just what I was looking for. I should probably put a picture of that up too. It cost me 29rmb, which is about $6!

On our way out, I was a few customers ahead of Melrose, so I put my shopping down on the top of a shopping trolley with a plastic car below it. A young couple with a little girl walked past, and I realized that the little girl was looking at the car, so I moved my shopping, and gestured for her to come and take it.

She did, and was happy to have me take a photo. I tried to get the parents into the shop, but Mum was unwilling. Dad got into the picture though. Thanks guys!

When we left, we were both thirsty, so I got a drink from KFC, and we sat outside of Starbuck's, while I enjoyed my drink, and a spell off my feet.

Then it was time to go home. We headed for the bus stop, and Melrose left to get to the other side of the road, as she goes in the opposite direction to me. I waited for more than half an hour for a #10 bus, and was beginning to wonder if there would be one, but eventually it turned up, and I was on my way home.

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