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Hugo, my little doggie friend.

Hugo, my little doggie friend.

When I got up this morning, I decided to get the stewing beef going, as I had no idea how long it might take to cook! And actually I am so glad that I did, because it took forever to cook up, but eventually it was nice and tender.

I also put the pork bones on to cook, for the karekare. I knew that they were going to need quite a while to be ready.

And I got the potatoes peeled, so I could make mashed potato to go with the beef stew. I have Scott coming over for dinner, and I don't think he is going to want karekare - too much vegetable for his liking!!

When Melrose arrived, around 4pm, we headed out with Hugo, to go to the big market over the road from here. It is the biggest market area that either of us have seen so far. Hugo is so funny walking with Melrose. I think he is afraid of being passed on to somebody else, as he hangs right at my feet!

We had everything we needed, except for the beans. And we had trouble finding the long beans that Melrose wanted, but we did find some lovely fresh runner beans. And we each grabbed a beautiful cauliflower. Not sure what it will be used for, but too nice to leave there. I found some nice looking passion fruit too, and I can't resist nice fresh ones of them!!

We found a place I had come across the other day, and Melrose got some cotton tape from there. She needs some to repair some pants she has.

While we were in the deepest section of the market a horrid looking dog kept hanging after Hugo, and I had to keep shouting at it to go away, much to the amusement of some of the stallholders. It did not appear to belong to anyone, and it was quite a big dog. If they had started fighting, I'm not sure how we would have handled it.

On the way out of the market, we found a lady selling live shrimps. Some almost as big as king prawns, and flipping around all over the place. I bought 500 grams for 20 rmb. That is $4!! So, I'll be enjoying them later.

We got back, and set about preparing to cook the rest of our dinner. I had taken the meat off the bones, which I should not have done. Poor Melrose, she could do with a better apprentice I think.

Scott arrived, and Hugo was very happy to see him. I think he really misses having a male around the place. Scott had to be back at the college by 7.30, to meet up with a student he is coaching for a speaking competition, so he didn't hang around for too long. He did tell us as he was leaving that he would probably be going to the West Wind Bar on Saturday night with Frankle and Kathy. That would be great. I have been looking forward to getting back there again. And Melrose is keen to go too!!

Melrose and I cleaned up the kitchen, and then she headed for home. But she'd been gone only a few minutes, when she rang me. It gave me a fright because she usually just uses messages, and I was worried that something was wrong. But the only thing was that it was raining, and she did not have an umbrella with her!!

I had had a good day, and after she left, I decided to clean the fridge, and also clean it out. We had found so much stuff that was way past it's use by date. So I decided to clear out the useless stuff.

Then when I had some space in the fridge, I peeled my prawns, which were cooked by then, and bagged them up and stowed them in the freezer. They will definitely be nice to enjoy later!

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