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I was at home for most of the day. I went over to Scott's place in the afternoon, to grab some extra things that I needed. And when I got back, I brought the bag up here, and then headed out again. I had hoped to catch up with John tonight, but he was busy, so we arranged to meet tomorrow night instead.

I needed to get a little shopping, get food and treat myself to a foot massage just up the road.

I decided to get food first, and went to McDonalds for my first ever Maccas meal in China. And it was actually not too bad. So that is a new discovery. I certainly do not eat Maccas in Australia, and did not think I would ever do so here either.

After dinner I went in to Walmart. I did not need much, just some sugar and some meat for Hugo. I found Hugo's chicken pieces, but could not find sugar anywhere. After hunting, I decided to use the translate app on my phone, and ask for help. You can simply not imagine my distress when I found that my phone was not in my bag! And then I realized that I had it on the table in McDonalds, and did not have any memory of picking it back up again.

So I decided to just pay for what I needed, and not worry any longer about the sugar. I was in a hurry to get back to Maccas. And what do you know, on the way to the checkouts, there was the sugar I had hunted for!

I quickly paid for my shopping, and headed out of the supermarket. By that time, I was quite sure that my phone was gone, and I would just have to wear it. But, of course, not only the phone, but the sim card, and all my contacts etc. I was feeling so angry with myself, and disappointed.

As I went into Maccas, I went straight to the counter, and using gestures and body language, and not knowing if any of the young people even spoke any English, I tried to make them understand that I had left my phone on the table. I was so pleased when a young man reached under the counter and retrieved my phone for me. It was close to tears for me then! I just could not believe my good luck.

Anyway, I headed up the street to the foot massage place I had passed many times. When one of the men brought me a price card, I could see that there were a number of options, ranging upwards from 50rmb for 50 minutes. I decided that as I do not need to buy a new phone, I would have a little pampering, and went for the 80rmb for 80 minutes treatment.

And was I happy with the treatment I received. It was lovely, complete with a great foot and ankle scrub with some cream with abrasive bits in it. I left feeling like I had totally new feet, without the dead skin any more.

Home to Hugo, and I took him down for a toilet break, before heading to bed myself.

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