Tasmania Trip 2017 travel blog

Drive on a cloudy Sunday

Ocean near Caravan Park

Spirit of Tasmania passing Caravan Park

Monday we walked around Devonport Mall and town area, then did a small shop. We have to eat fruit and vegetables we have as can’t take them on the ship.

Today is sort van and car, put heater under bed and bring out fan. ( well we hope that is how it will work ).

Pack an overnight bag, no we can’t access our car and van while sailing. We do have a sleeper as the Spirit leaves 7.30pm tonight and we should be in Melbourne 6 - 6.30am.

Some interesting facts about the Spirit of Tasmania. It carries 1,400 people, has 8 levels, and carries equivalent to 500 cars. Takes 9-11 hours to cross the 429kms from Devonport to Melbourne.

Looking forward to seeing our loved ones.

Love Dawn

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