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Some of our crazy crowd.

And the delicious food. Two big fat juicy turkeys, and a lot...

Today I had a few things to do, including going over to Peter's house with my laptop, to get it set up ready for moving over there.

Tim was there when I got there, so it was nice to sit and chat with the guys for a while.

I got the laptop plugged in and up and running, but Peter could not work out how to install his VPN for me, so will have to make do with just the one on my phone for now, it seems.

We spent ages, to no avail, and eventually it was almost time to set off for our Thankgiving Dinner. But firstly, we took Hugo down for a walk, and to an ATM for me to get out cash from the bank.

We were going to meet Shelley, who helps run a factory here in Zhaoqing, for an English friend David, who is now living back in the UK.

When we connected with Shelley, we got a taxi to go to Spango. The dinner has been planned by some other friends, and we will have around 20 people there.

I can't remember everyone, but we had folk from the England, Ireland, Scotland, US, Greece, Australia, Philippines, and sorry, but can't remnember Nick's origins. A lot of the guys had their Chinese partners/wives/girlfriends with them.

The food was great. I don't usually like turkey all that much, but it was delicious. Juicy, moist and beautifully cooked! The trimmings were not altogether what we would normally expect, but not to worry, we did a good job of disposing of it all. Of course, Spango has the big pizza oven, so not so difficult to get a roast turkey done!

We were looking at maybe 100rmb each to cover cost, but in the end we only paid 75rmb each. A little pricey, but really nice for a treat.

After dinner, I walked with Melrose and some of the guys to a bar to the east of the city centre. They were settled in for a long session, but I did not stay long. I needed to get hack home, and to sleep, ready for a long day tomorrow!

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