Japan Northern Kyushu 2017 travel blog

Brisbane to Fukuoka(Tenjin) Sun 19th Brisbane 24.1°C, rainy. Fukuoka 7.8°C, cloudy.

Planned to leave home at 5:00am for early check-in at 5:25, taxi created a panic by coming 15min early. Good timing though, breezed through check-in, we were the third group in line as KAL opened the counters.

Flight to Seoul was good, Korean Air are efficient, comfortable, reliable. Good entertainment system on the A330. 10hr flight, brunch (choice of three), French wine, real cutlery. Dinner (choice of 3), snacks and drinks served between meals, all this in economy. Hot, juggle-in-hands-hot towels, pillows, blanket, slippers, toothbrush supplied. My third flight on KAL, very pleased with them so far.

Incheon, Seoul. Vast. Long taxi to gate 111, 1hr to transfer to our next flight. Mad rush to underground train for gate 5, seething mass funnelled onto 2 escalators at other end. Hiked on long travellators to transfer gate security, unpacked laptops & liquids, shoved into trays, crossed fingers thru metal detector. Bolted for gate 5, made it with 10min to spare. Great, ticket scan, through gate to....waiting bus?? Tour of apron back towards gate 111. Waiting B777 out on apron near where we came from, off the bus, straight up the stairs and in. Whew. My rough estimate puts the transfer travel distance at about 3.5k, with 1k of it on foot.

Fukuoka looks good landing at night, one of the few airports in the centre of a large city. Printed, photoed, stamped, customised, ejected to transport concourse.

"How are we getting to the hotel, dad?"

"Subway and a hike up the stairs at the end of Tenjin underground mall, Mel."

"You know you have to take a shuttle bus to the subway station, right?"

"What??...Taxi-i!" Best ¥2,200 spent.

We have separate single occupancy double rooms at Hotel Mystays at Tenjin, costs only a little more than a twin room, and is much more convenient. Really good location, with access to trains and buses nearby.

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