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Living Room Wall Painted by Janis Shull

Gecko on Southwestern Rug

Betty Ray Wendler with Quilt Depicting Sites in Taylor (where Betty Ray...

Betty Ray Wendler, Donette Harpole and Larry Roming

Ratibor Country Grill - Justin Cole

Today I drove up to Belton to Donette Harpole’s home for an early Thanksgiving celebration. I left home at 9:00 and made great progress through the metroplex, arriving at the southern city limit of Georgetown at 9:30. I couldn’t believe it. That’s a record!!

Other friends included Larry Roming and his nephew, Justin Cole; Betty Ray Wendler, Annette Dean and Karen Merdith.

This evening we went to Ratibor Country Grill outside Temple in eastern Bell County at 10226 FM 2086. It is in the heart of Czech country and is known for its cheeseburgers and onion rings. We didn’t eat anything, though, because we had had a late Thanksgiving feast and we still stuffed. We listened for about an hour and a half to Justin playing his acoustic guitar and singing. He dedicated one song to me. Justin has a good voice and a rather wide vocal range. (On Facebook:

STATS Route: I-35 N (exit 293-B) => TX 317 N => FM 2305 (West Adams) => FM 2271 N to Morgan’s Point Total Miles Driven: 76

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